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I wanted to invite all of the Faithful Viewers of the Give Me Ninety Blog to venture over to my new blog and SUBSCRIBE. I will continue sharing regarding health and nutrition as well as some of my others interests, including travel, music, food and more. Thanks for 20,000+ views over the years here on Give Me Ninety. See you over at Add.Venture.Life – Jason

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This will officially be my last post on the Give Me Ninety blog. Some of the information on this blog I no longer follow or endorse.  I will keep these posts up as a part of my own journey. Good luck with yours – Jason


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New Ventures

Hey friends… Thanks for all the views and all the comments over the last few years here on the blog…

I am going to be shifting away permanently from this blog.

To find new information from me regarding fitness, health and diet…

Visit our new website http://www.addventurelife.com

Blessings! – Jason

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Time for a Hiatus…

Everyone, I will be taking a hiatus for the next month from my commitment to do a weekly post here…

The first reason is:

We are starting a coffee company called Kulani Coffee and will be focusing on this launch over the next month…

Please visit our Kickstarter page and consider buying One Bag of coffee to support our launch.


Also, we are going to be traveling to San Francisco next week…

I will see you all in September – Jason

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The Health Benefits of COFFEE! We are launching a Coffee Company. Kulani Coffee

Friends, I’ve been busy all day launching our new social business… Kulani Coffee. So you’ll have to forgive me for just sending you to the following post. But I wanted to open a discussion about the benefits of coffee. I know there are negatives as well. But, as someone who in to both coffee and health… I am on the optimistic side of coffee. Enjoy the video above and the link below… And please, visit our new Kulani Coffee Website as well. www.kulanicoffee.com



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ENJOY YOUR TRIPLE-COOKED DEAD HEALTH FOOD… I DON’T THINK SO – A Truly INSIDE LOOK into a supposed “health food” company

photo chosen at random – does not represent subject of this post

I am not going to name drop here, but I am about to give you an inside look into a “Health Food” company that I actually worked for – to let you know, in my opinion, how healthy their food is NOT, compared to how they market their food. I believe that this opinion can be applied to more than one company out there… LOOK into what companies claim before you trust in those claims…

I’m happy to say that I am “no longer with the company…” Because I don’t believe in how they advertise, the true quality of the food they produce and the way they run their company and treat their employees.

Shady Claim #1 – Eat our “special” food and lose weight

First of all, this claim by this company is true. Many people are losing weight eating their food… What they WON’T TELL YOU is that if you eat ANY FOOD the way they teach you to eat their food, you will lose weight…

This company likes to sell people three weeks of their food and charge them hundreds of dollars… Food they could make themselves for far less than half of what they are charging them…

The truth is, if you are 50+ overweight… YOU WILL LOSE 6-17 pounds if you stop eating 1- Less food 2- Junk…

That’s a duh! A big DUH! But this company like to throw up testimonials of how their amazing food caused this success in people. While I won’t disregard the true results that people are having… I want YOU my readers to understand… I COULD TEACH YOU IN ONE CONSULTATION HOW TO GET STARTED DOING ALL OF THIS ON YOUR OWN. You don’t need to spend hundreds and hundreds on food.

Shady Claim #2 – Our Food Is Healthy

I am a big believer that food quality stretches way beyond how the food was grown. I also believe that preparation is also a very large and important part of being able to call it “healthy.”

Lot’s of the food that was prepared in this place came out of cans and frozen bags. The meat came pre-cooked. Most of the food was prepared in giant pots for mass producing meals. And absolutely none of the people preparing this food put any type of thought, positivity or love into the preparation of this food. Say what you will, but I believe that food prepared with positivity and care literally carries that vibration with it all the way into our bodies. If you saw the vibration of some of the people I saw preparing this food, you would NOT PARTAKE OF IT.

You may have already read my post on microwaving and freezing food – If not, click here to read it

Like I said, many of the ingredients in this”health food”come pre-cooked and/or frozen. These ingredients are then combined together and COOKED AGAIN. Then they go sit in a refrigerator for another 12-24 hours before they are taken and placed into containers, containers that often sit out in the open exposed to the air for up to 30 minutes, sometimes more…

Then, after all of this, you are actually encouraged to simply heat this food up in a microwave before consuming…


So let’s sum this up… Food is cooked somewhere, canned, shipped, opened, re-heated, cooled, exposed, microwaved and then consumed by people paying triple what they could have made it for on their own thinking it’s AMAZING!

Think again… We need to know where our food is coming from. It’s important to me and it should to all of us.

In Conclusion…

Like I said, I am not going to name drop… I am not trying to bash any one company. I am simply encouraging you to research and look into where your food is coming from and how it is prepared. I want to get the most nutritional value out of what I choose to spend my money on.

I hope you come away from this post inspired to be more mindful of how you shop in the future… Not all food is the same, even if it claims to be…

Jason Heilman CNC




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I lost the combined weight of my two kids! KEEP GOING!




Sitting here with the kids realizing their combined weight is what I lost 2 years ago!!! 55+ pounds! #givemeninety #phoenixjohn #zoeykulani givemeninety.com


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Great Product For Joint Soreness – “Give Up One” Update

Give Up One Update

We had hundreds of hits on the blog since last week, and I’ve heard from many of you who have decided to GIVE UP ONE over the next few weeks. A lot of people were inspired by the soda story, so many of you chose to give up soda, some of you even longer than 21 days…

YOU CAN STILL JUMP IN – Decide today what you want to give up, and join us this month. Take the next 14 days to GIVE UP ONE, you won’t regret it. Tell us what you are giving up and let us know how it goes for YOU. I would love to hear from you to see how this is going for all of you. Comment below or shoot me an email at contact@jasonheilman.com

Joint Soreness Product – Bluebonnet MSM Powder

I want to give a quick shout out to a product that I’ve been using for months: Bluebonnet MSM. I’ve used this for joint soreness after working out, particularly after medium-high impact exercise to my legs. Recently I added this to my wife’s daily intake, and she has already told me it’s also working for her. So, as with anything I recommend here, I ENCOURAGE YOU TO DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH FIRST.

Okay, guys… today is a short one… Got lots going on this week. I am launching another endeavor today regarding music, I will fill you in on this next week! Until next time… Jason Heilman CNC



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