How To Make Blue-Green Algae Prism Water – FORGET GATORADE!

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This is the beauty that is Blue-Green Algae Prism Water.

Many of you may have already heard of the superfood SPIRULINA and it’s amazing benefits…

Maybe you haven’t – so check out THIS ARTICLE

I will provide the nutrition label below, but for now let me just say that this stuff is something you should definitely consider adding to your diet.

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Many people are turned off to the “ocean algae smell” of Spirulina, or even the fact that it’s called algae. But the point of eating algae is that it gets its energy directly from the sun. IT’S LIKE EATING THE SUN… OK, maybe not… but it contains so many minerals, many minerals that Americans are deficient in due to their SAD diet… (Standard American Diet)

What I am showing you today is a really FUN WAY to get your Spirulina into your daily repertoire. I bought a jar of this stuff a while back, and I’d throw some into my smoothies once in a while… But they always turned out green and tasted mostly like the green stuff… But I’ve been drinking this stuff like SODA IN 1994 and as a science type guy, I’m having fun making it, almost like a science experiment… It’s simple too…

Get a jar of this brand if you can… (Make sure it’s the POWDER NOT CAPSULES) Why? Because it’s from Hawaii, it’s a brand I felt led to trust and it’s the only brand I’ve ever used so I don’t know if others brands will make the water the way this one does (maybe they will… feel free to try)

Get a clean GLASS jar that hold about 25-30 oz. of water. Use the most filtered water you possibly have available… Add around a 1 to 1.5 Tablespoons to the water and stir with a WOODEN SPOON if possible. This is the one and ONLY TIME you will stir this up. Now cover with a cheese cloth or similar and refrigerate immediately. I make mine in the evening and let it BREW overnight.

What occurs is amazing. Overnight, the colors of blue, indigo and violet begin to leech up out of the algae on the bottom of the glass. Higher colors of the spectrum begin to separate and rise to the top. That’s why it’s important to eat blue and purple foods… That’s a whole other blog post…

Hold the water up to the light in the morning… compare to how it looked the night before… It will be the most amazing blue color… And when you look down into the glass… it’s dark purple… It’s PRISM WATER…

NEXT get another jar of ¬†filtered water and fill up about 3/4 way – THEN pour in the other 1/4 with prism water to top it off… And there it is… It tastes tea like… It does not taste “algae-ish” at all… And the best part is that the properties and benefits remain the same… You should get almost 100 ounces of diluted prism water out of 25-30 oz of base…

Questions? Comments… Be in touch and enjoy EXPERIMENTING


The Benefits of Spirulina

The Benefits of Spirulina



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4 responses to “How To Make Blue-Green Algae Prism Water – FORGET GATORADE!

  1. Peter cross

    Hey mate just wondering where you purchased that brand of spirulina because I order what I thought was the exact same one but turns out yours has more minerals?

  2. Peter cross

    Where did you purchase that bottle of blue green algae from?

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